Peri Grilled ChickenA wholesome experience of satisfying your appetite with our peri grilled items, basted with our carefully prepped peri sauces and grilled to perfection.DOWNLOAD ONLINE MENUCrispy Chicken & Peri Fries (OIL FREE)Giving the world a chance to taste crispy, juicy & tender chicken like never before! What’s so special about the fried chicken you see in this mouth-watering picture?
It’s OIL FREE, can you believe it? Yummitos® makes everything possible with their rising concept of yummy food & it’s benefits to the consumers in this fast food era.
Imagine grabbing a crispy, Air Fried chicken on the go, knowing our Yummitos® Fact that it’s prepped without oil giving you the same feeling you crave for when you think about Fried Chicken! This goes with the Peri fries, cooked in the air fryer and then dusted with the secret dust of peri peri.
DOWNLOAD ONLINE MENUSignature Burgers N’ WrapsHot buns cuddling the infinite goodness of Yummitos® special grilled Chicken OR Beef with a dressing of their dynamite in house sauces. The wraps are rolled with joy, full of flavor & taste in every bite. With a variety of options to choose from, one can never get tired of eating the signature grabs!DOWNLOAD ONLINE MENUHot From The Oven PizzasYas! Cheesy, saucy & curative layers of different toppings of your choice. SO Good! Anyone who says that money cannot buy happiness has clearly never spent their money on Yummitos® Pizza! DOWNLOAD ONLINE MENU