Our Mission

To create a warm and memorable customer experience both in brick and mortar locations and through ordering online. Providing excellent quality of service to compliment the food, and generating return customers.

Our Story

The founder was frustrated from a lack of options for the fusion of cuisines he wanted to experience. From an early age, he had the vision to bridge that gap. Yummitos® spawned off the back of a successful restaurant franchise, to further develop and innovate in the industry. Offering astonishing flavours, intriguing combinations and revolutionary cooking methods to create healthy alternatives to tried and tested recipes. A place where a customer can experience the most mouthwatering food from the greatest cuisines. At Yummitos®, there is no language, no preconceptions. At Yummitos®; food is the culture. Already operational in two continents, with plans to expand all over the globe, Yummitos® is coming soon to a place near you. If not, it sure is worth the journey.

Don’t forget the cravings the Founder had! He ended up creating master recipes of the 6 famous Yummitos® Peri Sauces, from the original Bird Eye Chili which measures around

He sure did want you to feel the HEAT and to beat it. WOOH!

Roll up your sleeves, pull that collar down, loosen your tie, take a bite into any of the flavors and feel the sweet & savory, authentic flavor of Lemon & Herb and challenge yourself to go up the meter for Yummitos® famous, blood boiling, Flaming Hot Peri sauce!

Did You Know?

The consumption of the sauces on a daily, operational basis is so much that it is made fresh before serving it to the customers who demand their food to be EXTRA SAUCY if it already isn’t, its never too much!

Guess what, you can lick the sauce off your plate with NO GUILT, here at Yummitos® 😉

Our sauces have NO PRESERVATIVES, ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS OR COLORS! That’s the ONLY Secret we will share with you about our SAUCES. Don’t forget the Vitamins it offers, its all in the natural chili to the extensive procedure of the recipe.

No Artificial Colors

No Artificial Flavors

No Preservatives

We dare you to break through the sweat & to taste every level we offer!